Devil or Devin : The World’s First AI Software Engineer


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Devil or Devin : The World’s First AI Software Engineer

Hello there! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Devin, the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer. Developed by Cognition, an applied AI lab focused on reasoning, Devin is a tireless, skilled teammate that can help engineers focus on more interesting problems and enable engineering teams to strive for more ambitious goals.

Devin’s Capabilities

Devin has a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Planning and executing complex engineering tasks: With advances in long-term reasoning and planning, Devin can plan and execute complex engineering tasks requiring thousands of decisions, recall relevant context at every step, learn over time, and fix mistakes.

  • Common developer tool integration: Devin is equipped with common developer tools such as the shell, code editor, and browser within a sandboxed compute environment, providing everything a human would need to do their work.

  • Active collaboration: Devin can actively collaborate with the user, reporting on its progress in real time, accepting feedback, and working together with you through design choices as needed.

Sample Tasks Devin Can Perform

Here’s a sample of what Devin can do:

  • Learning unfamiliar technologies: After reading a blog post, Devin can learn how to use unfamiliar technologies and apply them to specific tasks.

  • Building and deploying apps end-to-end: Devin can build and deploy interactive websites and applications, incrementally adding features requested by the user and then deploying the app to a hosting platform.

  • Autonomously finding and fixing bugs in codebases: Devin can help maintain and debug codebases, identifying and resolving issues without human intervention.

  • Training and fine-tuning AI models: Given a link to a research repository, Devin can set up fine-tuning for a large language model or other AI models.

  • Addressing bugs and feature requests in open-source repositories: Devin can contribute to open-source projects by addressing bugs and implementing new features based on issue descriptions.

  • Does upwork jobs: Devin can take up jobs posted in upwork and develop and complete the project.

Devin’s Performance

Devin has been evaluated on SWE- Bench, a challenging benchmark that asks agents to resolve real-world GitHub issues found in open-source projects. Devin correctly resolves 17% of full-text GitHub issues, compared to an average human performance of 15%, according to a 900-person study.

A more detailed explanation on will Devin replacing Software Engineers is detailed in the below video. Check it out 👇

How to use Devin ?

At present, Devin AI is in the beta testing phase and available to select users in limited access and that too by request. You can request Devin AI access by filling out a form available on their official website.


Devin is a powerful and inspiring innovation that can help engineers focus on more exciting and challenging projects. As a valuable assistant, Devin can augment the work of human engineers, accelerating the development process and enabling engineering teams to achieve their goals faster. By working together with Devin, you can enhance your productivity and efficiency, unlocking the full potential of your project development.

What Does The Future Holds For Software Engineers ?

Devin is disrupting the market without a doubt; I work in the software sector as well. This shouldn’t be limited to web or mobile developers. Devin is capable of creating models with Python code that is ML-based, and he can even construct NLP apps. It seems more of a marketing stratergy. In summary, I just want to let you know that Devin is not going to be able to take the place of these groups of software engineers that have the following skills.

  • Strategic Vision and Creativity: Human inventiveness is the lifeblood of software development. Human ingenuity is unmatched when it comes to creating user experiences, defining product vision, and conceiving novel solutions. Devin can help with data analysis and brainstorming, but innovative ideas originate in people’s imaginations.

  • Domain expertise and user empathy: It takes both a great deal of experience and empathy to comprehend a certain industry or target user. By using their subject expertise, human software developers can customise solutions to meet specific requirements. Devin is capable of pattern recognition and data analysis, but it is limited in its ability to mimic human comprehension.

  • Social and Communication Skills: Successful software projects require the development of connections with stakeholders, clients, and team members. Human engineers are adept at negotiating social dynamics, encouraging teamwork, and successfully explaining intricate technical ideas to non-technical audiences. Devin is capable of personalising connections and analysing communication trends, but human involvement is still crucial.

  • Decision-Making and Ethical Considerations: Ethical issues are prevalent in the field of software development. Human engineers carefully consider the possible effects of their work and bring a moral compass and critical thinking abilities to the table. Devin can be trained to recognise possible biases, but humans are ultimately responsible for making moral decisions.

To sum up, Devin is an effective tool that improves human capacities and streamlines procedures. For strategic vision, domain knowledge, social interaction, and ethical considerations, the human element is still essential. Software development in the future will be shaped by human-AI teams like Devin’s, where each uses its special talents to produce truly amazing software. Don’t worry, Devin is a tool, not a treat. Once you step up your software development game, an AI cannot replace you.

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